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FBC Ensures Proper Use of Government Resources

FBC is committed to working with the Government to organize and produce mission related conferences at the lowest cost possible for both the attendees and agencies that we serve.

The majority of FBC’s government events are held under a "no-cost" structure to the government. In other words, no taxpayer dollars or government funding goes to FBC. FBC does have events where the government pays for the conference services provided. In this option, we use a fee for service model where all of the payments to our organization are vetted through an agencies procurement area prior to award. FBC is aware of the need for financial controls on expenditures with respect to all conference activities.

FBC has always been extremely conscious of the optics through which each conference is viewed. Since 1976 we have conducted events that meet the government’s needs and steer clear of the wasteful spending that has been cited recently. If there is a concern in terms of the policies, procedures, or activities at an event, FBC will bring this to the attention of the proper personnel at an agency.

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